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Laid’s biggest weakness as a bodybuilder is his appetite, he says.He’s never been a big eater, and as a kid, he only liked candy and regularly skipped meals. A plate of fries doesn’t tempt him – he’d rather have a fruit salad.Near the end of the video comes a crescendo of music, the reveal. His body is knotted with muscle – his pecs are inflated, his cleavage monumental; his deltoids are striated, his abs segmented like an ice-cube tray.In the last still shot of the video, Laid stares straight into the camera, issuing a challenging look, as if to say, n You Tube there are tens of thousands of videos of teens who have documented their journey from scrawny to shredded, most of them to the beat of EDM.He was teased in the locker room and he hated wearing a bathing suit – which is tough to avoid when you live near the beach.It didn’t help his self-confidence, he says, that he grew up without a father.He quit hockey – and also quit doing most chores around the house, according to Nino – so he could use every spare minute to train.“It was weird, but I knew this was what I was going to do for the rest of my life,” Laid says.

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Their videos showcase similar storylines – skinny kids who hated their bodies and now want to spread the gospel of bodybuilding and personal change. Laid was born in Estonia when his mother Nino, who had moved there from Russia, was 23.Marc Fitt, 23, is a square-jawed, upbeat French Canadian whose behind-the-scene videos showcase his morning routine and bed head.