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This is great for surveying what inspires you and what blocks you, what attracts you and what doesnt.4. If you can, find some time to sneak away and enjoy a creative pleasure. Make a pact with yourself to get to know your Inner Loca (or loco for you guys reading this) and find ways to let her out to play each and every day.6. Children have the amazing ability to be open to the possibilities of just about anything.

It can be an hour wandering through a craft store, window shopping, a hike in nature or a visit to a special place. Give yourself playtime to see the world through the eyes of a child.

En primer lugar Sevilla, que en su Catedral tiene un mausoleo dedicado al Descubridor del Nuevo Mundo, pero tambin en Santo Domingo dicen que estn all, y hasta en la Universidad de Pava, en Italia, manifiestan que poseen un hueso que pertenece a los restos del Almirante.

El problema debemos considerarlo normal dados los viajes que emprendi Don Cristbal despus de muerto.

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Create Sacred Space Find a place in your home to keep inspiring, motivating and spiritually significant objects.

Ahora ha surgido otro problema y tiene los mismos tintes.

Dnde esta enterrado Coln , tampoco lo sabemos porque tambin hay muchos lugares que se disputan que son depositarios de sus restos mortales.

Keep a Daily Journal Use a journal to jot down the meandering thoughts of your mind. Stuck between your great ideas are random thoughts, mental notes, and menial observations.

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Use your journal as a place to deposit these thoughts, keeping your creative mental workspace clear.

If you have kids and cant get away alone, dont worry. Sometimes it can be simply sitting on the floor and looking at a room from a new angle, or giving yourself permission to laugh and have fun.