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“I had him hold the bottom of his foot so I could start kicking [it],” Reedus told Inside He doesn’t memorize TWD scripts until the day his scenes are filmed. When he wants to roam through Comic-Con in San Diego undetected, his disguise of choice is often a panda bear head." data-reactid="119"22. “But he’s so rock hard and made of muscle that I broke my toe when I was doing it. Somehow that scowl has turned into an acting career. Reedus’s first experience as a producer came with the 2015 sci-fi thriller Air (also produced by TWD creator Robert Kirkman). The Walking Dead continues an extremely difficult Season 7 on AMC on Sunday nights.Q: In Season 7, Episode 3 “The Cell,” we learn that Negan has imprisoned Daryl and is trying to break him down.Glenn was the heart of our group; he was the optimist and he believed in people.If Daryl was to say, "I am Negan," he would be disrespecting the memory of Glenn.

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A: I think because of Glenn, he can’t give up who he is because Glenn never gave up who he was.

However, it’s a scheme by Negan to break Daryl down and recruit him with the simple concession of saying – like everyone else does – “I’m Negan.” As Reedus explains to THR: “He's letting it all happen. As Reedus further states to THR: “Daryl can't do it because of the same reason that Dwight did things that were sh**ty because he had something he was protecting.

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