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15-Aug-2017 18:26

Its so informative, culture rich and homely website.

They love all your novel and read it with great interest.I read these very good articles from your web-site, and I liked these articles very much. I am inspired and I will definately follow you whenever i can.I hope that , more and more people living in well done,great efford.... for the period of 5 years from 1965 and reead many gujarati Novels of 60s.In short, I can say, you are doing incredible service for our society. i saw i am so happy that i got some gujarati literature to read.i am reading some of them they are really touches is my humble request...

Thanks & Regards, Sabir very nice information about Bakrol village and lots of interasting information and page. jignesh shah thanks for your hardwork, i have read all your novels and still surfing thru this site with hope to find a new novel from you..when are you adding your new novel we are waiting for that..do it soon.. i am big fan of novel's of "KANAIYALAL MUNSHI".i read some of them when i was in india.so,i will be very thankful... also i always wanted to read the book which is honour of our gujarati literature .."SARSWATICHANDRA". Please add as many navalkatha and navalika which u have possible.

Thank you so much, Jayantibhai, for the site and service to Gujarati language and literature. When I tried to open that, "Begam" novel was opened. સ્નેહિશ્રી, આપની ગુજરાતી ફીલ્મ જોઈ આનંદ થયો અને યાદ કર્યા. KAKA tamaro khub khub aabhar aa pustakalay banava mate. su tame mane MGUNJAN FONTS aapi sakso karan ke kaka mare tamari novel mara mobile ma lai ne vachvi che to tame mane fonts aapso to hu e mara mobile ma install kari sakis ane vachi sakis rate aaram thi besi ne to plz mane mail kari deso athva kaheso ke MGUNJAN FONTS kya thi madse??