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09-Nov-2017 05:27

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And the harsh truth: liberalism, progressivism, or whatever you want to call it is deadly. not to mention that there are few consequences for the horrible things that they do.It emboldens criminals to do terrible things because it excuses and justifies their behavior. Liberalism creates these “sanctuary cities,” (or in the case of California Governor Brown — a sanctuary state in California.) Meanwhile, a disproportionate number of criminals in the federal prisons are illegal immigrants — many from brutal gangs and/or the cartel.To be honest with you (and very politically incorrect), when I seek out help, I oftentimes look for an English-speaking male.For instance, there is a hardware store near my house that can offer helpful suggestions.

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As for explaining, that’s not happening much either.And there are certainly no tears for the helpless, unborn baby snuffed out in her mother’s womb.Something that I read recently that feels apt here: It’s from Pope Leo XIII, who wrote a treatise in l888 that condemned liberalism.Sure, women rail about sexual harasment at work– I mean, that could happen to — and career and money have become a type of sacramental.

And women can moan bitterly about Hillary Clinton’s loss as President. No one will even think about it, or to take the time to consider whether the politics that they embrace (free-for-all immigration, liberalization of laws towards criminals, opening up the doors of the prison) are killing and brutalizing women.

I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately looking out at the wreckage of the human race, which I see in full blazing technicolor each day. It has been inspired by WH Auden’s evocative poem, Looking out at all the people dying a slow death around me and who don’t even know it, I say: Merry Christmas. To the ruin of what once was a proud nation, now at each other’s throats.

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